M-SPA have 2 different series:

M-SPA VISION M-Spa is the leading brand of inflatable spa bath tub in the world, with the creative and advance technology, M-Spa able to create several spa stand for excellence, enjoyment and lifestyle. At M-Spa, our vision is to embrace expertise and advanced technology to promote Comfortable, Portable and Affordable spa experience to create a healthy lifestyle and optimal wellness.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCES With M-Spa 24 years of water and recreation products design and developing experiences, especially in creating innovative bathtub. M-Spa have many innovative technologies and designs stand out from others. With a single basic M-Spa, its functions stand out far more from ordinary bathtub, not to mention it’s portable, hygiene, and other features. M-Spa have few models equipped with extra massage jet that can enhanced the bubbling function, giving you extra massage and comfort. If your bathroom design equipped with M-Spa, you can instantly turn your bathroom into a contemporary and relaxing Spa retreat.

M SPA TECHNOLOGY M-Spa have many highlights that stand out from the others, such innovations are Comfortable, Portable, Stylish, Quiet, Hygienic, Heating and User Friendly.

COMFORTABLE MSpa using Rhino-Tech(TM) reinforced material to craft the interior of the spa, which create comfort, soft sensational. The material not only provide strong support, yet it can create extra comfortable feel as cozy as a high-end sofa. Normal bathtub made by acrylic will never have the same comfortable feeling like MSpa do.

PORTABLE MSpa all models can be fold and store inside the box, with average of 25 kg you can carry the bathtub to anywhere you want to create your very own Spa sensation

STYLISH M-Spa design all the spa to fit the modern contemporary feel, some model with extra luxury crocodile leather feel, some with classy champagne gold color pattern, each model have their very own unique taste. Conventional bathtub even with the stand-alone-bathtub design hardly can match with M-Spa

QUIET M-Spa built-in “Shhh” features, with this M-Spa’s Advanced Whisper quiet technology, the jet and motor only produce not more than 70 db sound. With this quiet features, you can have pleasant bubble massage yet enjoy your quiet spa treatment

HYGIENIC M-Spa come with exchangeable filter to filter the water, some of the model built-in Ozone Generator which kill gems and maintain the water to be crystal clear and safe for long time

HEATING M-Spa all models come with PTC Stone Ceramic Heating Technology, it provides 5 times heat transfer rate than natural convention technology, giving you constantly warm and energy saving spa experiences

USER FRIENDLY M-Spa design each of it’s component to be very easy to understand and install, you can transport, install and set up any spa bath-tub within 10 minutes