Schock Primus N200 Terra Kitchen Sink


Granite Kitchen Sink

Dimension 860 x 500 x 190mm

SCHOCK Founded in 1924 in Germany, is the very first company who create Granite Composite Sink in the world, more than 60% in the whole world manufacturing granite sink are using SCHOCK technology.

SCHOCK is the top quality company in the whole world producing quality and variety of granite sink.

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Schock Primus N200 Terra Kitchen Sink

SCHOCK is the most famous brand of making Granite Composite Sink in the whole world, actually they are the First company who create and manufacture Granite kitchen sink.

Founded in 1924 in Germany, every since then SCHOCK燾reates more than 200 sink models in as many as 40 color ways but also shaping the future of our industry.

As the creator of Granite sink in this world,?0% of all sinks the world over are made using SCHOCK methods, now SCHOCK hold 21% of Global Market Share of composite sink.

Sustainability and resource conservation have been two of our paramount principles at SCHOCK for more than 13 years. They find expression in areas such as the continuous improvement of our processes in all functions and at all levels of the company.

SCHOCK has been participated in the EU’s EMAS eco-management system, the Bavarian Environmental Pact and ISO 14001 certification for many years.


advantages 1 of granite sink in malaysia kuching


Because of the advanced technology and superb quality from SCHOCK, dirt simply can run off, thanks to the composite technology

advantages 2 of granite sink in malaysia kuching


With the SCHOCK quartz composite material, it not only can stay dirt away, it also have good effect of leaving the bad smells from the kitchen sink surface

advantages 3 of granite sink in malaysia kuching


SCHOCK toughen granite surface able to stand any heat material up to 180 Celsius, you can have peaceo of mind putting hot pot on top of any SCHOCK granite sink

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SCHOCK advanced crafted material for composite granite sink top is 100% safe even direct contact with eatable food, the material is tested Food Safe standard

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ProHygienic 21

SCHOCK is the world抯 first manufacturer to foster antibacterial properties, with this standard fresh fish, meat or vegetables can be prepared safely on SCHOCK surfaces with ProHygienic 21.

This ProHygienic 21爌atented surface and its hygienic properties have been tested and certified by Germany抯 LGA.?/span>

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The SCHOCK special production method makes the kitchen sink extremely tough and harder than real granite

advantages 7 of granite sink in malaysia kuching

SCHOCK Lotus effect

The SCHOCK material抯 ultra-fine nanostructure so fine and making stain impossible to stick to the material抯 surface

advantages 8 of granite sink in malaysia kuching


The SCHOCK nano-structure爀xtreme toughen material is purposely crafted for long lasting, with minor care this granite sink can simply last for decades