UV High Gloss Premium Series




UV Board is actually a MDF board (Medium Density Fiber-board, as shown below) coating with special paint, then the boards are exposed to UV light (Ultra Violate light) by pass through a special equipment to form the super glossy surface. Similar with PU but not as expensive as PU because UV boards are all ready made to 4 x 8 feet per pieces, then individual furniture factory like us will cut into specific size. While PU coated boards are all made in PU factory itself by customer specific sizes.


UV Kitchen Cabinet also considered premium cabinet finishing because of it highly glossy finishing, compare with PU Kitchen Cabinet this series will have lower price. The advantage of UV board to PU board is UV board can be polished using same technique of polishing automobile but with specific liquid, so minor scratch on your cabinet can be polished without changing the surface.


Our PU High Gloss Luxury Series normally equipped with Korean made table top Dekotop. We are the only supplier in Kuching, Sarawak, and probably the only supply high premium surface top with SLIM design, not like ordinary table top normally found in market such as Solid Surface, Granite, Quartz, etc.

Currently we have 11 pattern of this surface top to choose:

This premium table top have many unique features that ordinary table top don’t possed:

  • Scratch resistance, impact resistance and water-resistance
  • Fire-Retardant meets fire codes from a variety of laboratories in multiple countries especially certified by DNV
  • Slim, compact yet very solid
  • Long lasting color
  • Dekotop takes responsibility for the environment. All materials that uses are all FSC certified
  • Eco friendly meet E-0 & E-1 European formaldehyde emission standards




1. Modular System VS Attached System

Modular System kitchen cabinet refer as multiple single stand alone cabinet combine to form a long cabinet, e.g 2400 mm long of cabinet, Modular System can have 3 separate individual 800 mm cabinet, they will be combined and sealed perfectly into one whole piece of cabinet in the final location. The advantages of this Modular System are:

  1. Ease of shifting, e.g. house moving or changing kitchen area
  2. Upgrading cabinet, e.g. change the size of cabinet, upgrade the accessories system inside kitchen cabinet
  3. Ease of repairing, e.g. cabinet may spoil in future, able to repair individual cabinet without taking out whole cabinet

While Attached System cabinet mean the whole cabinet is one single big element, carpenter will screw and “built” the cabinet into one whole thing in the final destination. Means if you want to change, modify, shift, repair the cabinet in future, it will cost you probably more than building a new one, in term of calculating inspection, dismantle, and other unforeseen expenses. 

2. ABS Adjustable Stand

We use quality ABS Adjustable Stand to built cabinet stand, this stands will be installed beneath each of the modular cabinet, then the footage of that cabinet will cover with plastic cover. The advantages of using ABS Adjustable Stand are:

  1. Adjust water level of cabinet. There is almost impossible to get a very flat flooring in every kitchen, this may cause the cabinet unstable. With this adjustable stand, we can adjust each individual stand to perfectly match water level.
  2. Water Proof. Conventional cabinet will always have the cabinet itself touch on the floor, water are very easy to get inside the material or even the cabinet itself, causing a lot of unrecoverable troubles, such as cabinet damage, attract cockroach, bad odor, etc.
  3. Easy Cleaning. You can just take out the cover to reveal the bottom part of your cabinet, easy for cleaning and maintenance.

3. Bottom Waterproof Cover

Because of using ABS Adjustable Stand, we extra add in the Waterproof Cover beneath each of the cabinet to hide the stand, not only for the visual pleasure, it also can seal dirt from getting into. The advantages of using Waterproof Cover are:

  1. Visual Effect. With these cover, it can hide the ABS Stand, make it look more pleasant and luxury.
  2. Water Proof. These cover are all waterproof and have strong seal stick on the floor, avoiding water from leaking into the bottom part of kitchen cabinet.
  3. Easy Cleaning. You can easily take out these cover for future cleaning or maintenance.

4. EUROPE Quality Accessories

We are authorized dealer of FGV and Menage Confort in Kuching, providing quality Europe standard kitchen cabinet Accessories such as hinges, pull out basket, slide, drawer, bracket, etc.

FGV products are all made in Italy, while Menage Confort are made in Spain, both promise to give you years of worry free and ease of use.

5. Korean Premium Table Top

We are the only supplier of Korean table top Dekotop in Kuching, this highest quality surface top not only very slim, it also very solid compare to normal surface top in market. It’s color can last a long time still maintain the ordinary design and pattern. It is water proof that if you put the whole piece of top into water for month, it won’t change its shape and fade in color.

5. 20 Years Manufacture furniture

Our strategic partner is one of pioneer of furniture makers in Kuching two decades ago, now owing many professional furniture making machines to automate the cabinet making process. With years of making cabinet experiences, you can trust their professional and good wills of making your kitchen cabinet with reasonable price.

6. Direct factory price

Since we are the factory to produce custom made furniture, you can be sure to get the direct factory price from us, avoiding through middle agent or shop. With such advantage, you can save a lot of cost by cutting all the middle man profit and get your custom made cabinet direct from us.