When come to decide what type of wardrobe you need, Budget is the aspect that most people will take consider. Currently there are two main stream of people when come to buying a wardrobe, one is buy from conventional furniture store with the ready made wardrobe, the other one is custom made your desired wardrobe.

Normally there will be roughly RM3,000 to RM 5,000 different between these two, buying from conventional furniture store normally will cost you around RM1,300 to RM1,900 to get a nice 8 feet by 8 feet wardrobe, sometime with promotion period RM1,999 can get wardrobe with bedside table and bedstead.

Of course with such price you can hardly custom made the color and size you want, almost all of them are ready made in bulk quantity by third party furniture factory. The drawbacks of these type of wardrobe is the material, most of these wardrobe are made by chipboard with no water resistant, in such a case the density of the wardrobe is not high, can’t have good impact resistance and temperature resistance. Depend of luck, some wardrobe maybe will out of shape, chipped or broken after sometime.

cam screw

The wardrobe accessories such as door track, screw, etc mostly are normal quality which may cause problem in future.

Like the picture shown here, these screw named Cam Screw is the use by most of these economy wardrobe, this type of screw can be easily found in any DIY furniture because of the ease of use and cheap. When these type of screw together mixed with chipboard, in a long run there is a high probability that the door or compartment will break, especially with some bedroom with temperature different between day and night.

Last reason to consider is the chemical of the chipboard, since chipboard is made by compressed wood chip, to achieve low price some factory may add in other danger chemical such as Formaldehyde to sustain its lifespan, if not handled by quality factory, this chemical will release slowly and harm human being, especially children.

Bedroom is the space we spend most of our time, is not wrong for us to choose a better quality furniture to sleep with us. But due to the price, there is no qualms of choosing this type of wardrobe instead of custom made wardrobe.

full room custom made wardrobe furniture in kuching


If you has extra RM2,000 to RM3,000 to spent on wardrobe, custom make your wardrobe is a good choice. Firstly it can custom fit into your bedroom space nicely, overall making your bedroom look for comfortable and cosy. You can select the color and pattern you like, either wood grain or fabric color, either glass or board, or mixture of any of your ideas.

When come to customize your desired wardrobe, there are few information we can share to help you make up your mind:


With your bedroom space limit and your existing clothes, you can consider how your compartment will look like to fit your personal behavior.

Normally we will suggest standard compartment layout like picture on right shown. We suggest SPACE 1 to have roughly 1500mm height space to hang long dresses or long pants. While SPACE 2 can be area to hang most of your normal clothes, it can be separate into up and down to increase usage.

Then the balance space on left can have dividers to made more compartment to store other stuff such as folded clothes, bed sheet, etc.

If your bedroom ceiling high enough, estimate more than 2,500 mm, you can consider built more compartment on top like picture shown, those areas are designed to put bulky items which are not likely to use often, such as luggage, pillow, storage box, etc.

Drawer System

You can have 2 or more drawer system for your wardrobe depend on your budget, normally we will suggest 2 drawer system at the bottom of your wardrobe, since drawer system cost more you can decide how many drawer system you want depend on your budget. You can have lock on your drawer system to have more security and privacy.

Wardrobe Accessories

With extra budgets you can consider to have more wardrobe  accessories to be installed, such as pull out basket, drawer divider, extractable mirror, extractable iron panel, etc.



Normally for wardrobe we will suggest Melamine Board as the board to built, because of the price and environmental consideration. Melamine board is solid enough and healthy to be used in bedroom, you can click here to know more about Melamine Board in our Kitchen Cabinet section.

Melamine board considered more valuable if compare with other high end MDF board, it also have the flexibility of choosing multiple color and pattern, you can have your own desired color and pattern. Of course with extra budget, you can choose UV Board or PU Board as your wardrobe material for extra luxury feel.


You are welcome to our showroom at 7th Miles to have free consultant and free quote, bring along your bedroom dimension and briefly tell us what the design you desired, based on the information we may design and quote for you.

We are partner with local authentic furniture factory Global Vision System Furniture Sdn. Bhd. to produce all of the custom made furniture, you can be sure to get a good price from us. Both of our showroom located at 7th Miles Wisma Wee, next to Borneo House Museum.


Below are few wardrobe we made recently: