SENZ Design Cooker Hob and Hood for Design Kitchen

 SENZ is Malaysia based company SENZ Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd, has been professionally distributing advanced technology cooker hob, hood and oven for many years.

With years of experiences in Malaysia market, SENZ able to design and distribute quality and reliable Electric Cooker, Electric Stove and Cooker Hood, especially match the people of Malaysia cooking needs.

SENZ also been certified by Scott Ceran, EGO, SIRIM, Suruhanjaya Tenaga, RoHS, etc multiple international and local institutions.

SENZ MultiCooker VitroCeramic Hob

SENZ MultiCooker is the Reliable, Efficient and Quality cooker hob available in Malaysia. This special vitroceramic cooker hob can be used on all kinds of cookware like glass, clay pot, stainless steel, cast iron and even wok.

SENZ multicooker can reach up to 13 level of Heat, compare to conventional vitroceramic only up to 9 level. With such efficiency function, yet it is designed to be energy saving and have easy operation and offer a very precise cooking temperature. 

These vitroceramic multicooker hobs are equipped with a build in Inverter Sensor, when cooker reaches the stipulated temperature, electricity supply will be discontinued in order to save previous energy. Therefore the electrical consumption of our Electric Cooker is as low as RM0.20 per hour.

SENZ MultiHood Angled Hood

SENZ MultiHood using German advanced technology and design, create a very futuristic modern design, yet very practical kitchen hood especially suite Malaysian cooking needs.

All SENZ hood have their very own unique design and functions, most of them using the Angled Design, which is the latest design for kitchen hood. With this design different from the conventional cooker hood, it mainly has two significant advantages:

(1) Avoid Knocking Head

This is the most common fault happened in normal conventional design cooker hood, they designed the hood normally is 510 mm perturb out, with such design we will always knock our head while cooking.

This is the very common main fault found in every normal hood in the market, SENZ and some advanced company already applied latest design and technology, letting the cooker hood to only perturb 330 mm and yet also can increase the suction power.




(2) Powerful Suction 

With the design of Angle, it enable the cooker hood to install much more lower than conventional cooker hood, therefore will increase the suction by 50%.

As the diagram illustrated, the smoke and heat from the cooker are much more easy to suck by the Multihood with this Angled Design.



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